Equine DNA Testing



  • Recessive Non-Agouti (‘a’) [$25 per animal]
  • Seal Brown (‘At’) [$40 per animal]
  • Comprehensive Agouti = ‘a’ plus ‘At’ combined [$60 per animal]


  • Red Factor (‘Sorrel’) [$40 per animal]
  • No-Light-Points (‘NLP’) [$40 per animal]

Step 1:  Prepare your order (equine)

✓ Print and complete an Order Form-Equine.pdf
(listing all samples to be submitted)

✓ With each sample, use a separate collection kit
(ziplock bag + Equine Sample ID Card.pdf)

✓ Fill out ID Card and place in bag.  Include:

  1. Contact information
  2. Your equine’s information (species and ID)

Step 2:  Collect your sample

✓ Mane or tail hair collection

  1. Wrap 20-30 hair strands (mane or tail) around you finger and pull firmly. Tail hair is preferred from young foals.
  2. Make sure the hair root bulbs (follicles) remain attached to the strands.
  3. Place hair into bag with ID card and seal.
  4. Do not send clipped hair!  Roots are required for DNA testing.

Step 3:  Send your sample to PetDNA


PetDNA Services
4543 West Erie Street
Chandler, AZ  85226